Fairchild PT19 For Sale at Redlands

Fairchild PT 19 at Redlands, California (KREI) with Victory Girl Nose Art Annabelle.

I went out to fly over to Rialto to see Judy Scholl today and this amazing beauty was blocking the hangar alley.  I was offered not only a ride but ownership for a slim fifty five g’s.

She’s a 1943 model originally built as a military training plane for the Army Air Corps.  Richard, her kind hearted owner, has log books back to the day she first breathed fresh air and was ferried by a WASP pilot out of the deep south.  He couldn’t remember the woman ferry pilot’s name today. But at one point he looked her up so he could offer her a ride.  I immediately decided I liked Richard.

If you have fifty five big ones you might like to have her owner’s phone number, 714-329-0077 or his email address rph1852@aol.com.

She has only 2100 original hours and is danced about by a Ranger 440 with 200 hp.  She’s docile to fly and likes to travel in the 100 mph range, coming across the fence at 80 and stalling at 65.  Richard says he’s selling her with his eye on his next prize, a T28 sporting an extravagant 1400 hp.

Fairchild PT 19 Instrument Panel.

Fairchild PT 19 Sensenich Propeller


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