Norm’s Hangar Coffee Shop at Brackett

Norm’s Hangar Coffee Shop at Brackett (KPOC) in LaVerne California is not run by Norm,  is not in a Hangar, it has great Coffee and there’s no need to Shop around, you’ve already found it.
Cathy, the owner, is Norm’s daughter and the family has a life long legacy in the hospitality business. She’s been there loving every customer who comes through the doors since nineteen eighty something.  And you aren’t there long before you realize they’re loving her right back.  You also don’t need to be there long before you get your food.  They had no idea we were writing about them and our food was there in under eleven minutes, impressive at lunchtime.  It is basic coffee shop fare from Cheeseburgers and turkey sandwiches to Steak sandwiches and omelet’s.  If you’d look for it in a diner in your dreams, she probably makes it.  Everything on the menu is fresh and homemade and her suppliers are small local businesses that she supports to keep the mom and pop market strong.
The atmosphere is homey with flowered wallpaper and the basic aviation accents.  But who looks at the café when there’s a wall of windows facing the runway and airplanes taking off and landing, we were hypnotized by a 182 making touch and goes possibly being flown by a family of chimps.
The service at Norm’s is superior by far to most places we stop. Quick, friendly, efficient and they add that little extra that somehow says ‘ask me for extra tomatoes and you’ll actually get them”.  Overall, Norm’s is a real find.
On Tuesday nights Cathy plays host to a Fiesta that makes Guadalajara look like Cleveland, well sort of.  There’s a fabulous patio with seating overlooking the runway.  Once the sun goes down and the lights start twinkling on the hillsides it is truly magical.  Of course, remember, with all magical experiences a big part of it is what you bring with you, like Tinker Bell and her Pixie Dust, so come hungry, wearing a sombrero,  with the mindset that this will be one of the greatest nights of your life.
This Shindig runs from 5-9pm every Tuesday night with a menu ranging from simple ground beef tacos, seriously yummy to elegant Chicken Quesadillas and Coastal Shrimp Tacos.  But the one item that makes the most pilots program KPOC into their GPS is the Carne Asada Taco.  Carne Asada means little pieces of steak, and Cathy knows steak, it’s all over her menu.
So stick your fuel tanks, kick the chocks out from under your wheels and head for Norms in the main lobby at Brackett,.  Tell them Flight Lines sent you and get our undying affection.

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