A Short Film About All of Us

The most amazing thing happened to me Tuesday morning.

I know you may not believe this but I didn’t know it had anything to do with me personally.

One of my son’s friends, Charlie Balch, asked if I could take him flying so he could make a short film.  He’s a film student at my son’s school, Biola University.  I thought he was using my plane as a camera platform.  It seemed natural with the photography business and all so I said sure.

I climbed out of bed just past four in the morning, no girl grooming, and checked the skies.  Black as ink with ten thousand stars. We rolled.

I didn’t pay any attention to what he was doing, it just looked like a lot of camera adjustments and shooting in every direction.  We came back in just before sunrise because we had a glitchy alternator switch and a dead battery.  So after a quick charge we were off again in the bright dawn for some playing over Diamond Valley Lake and the hills south of Redlands, California.

Then a few days later my grinning son shows me my film debut.  Of course, I’m not prejudice or anything, but I think it is wonderful.

I love the transition from night to day. The vistas of black velvet earth with scattered gemstone cityscapes about to awaken beneath our wings, beautiful. Thank you Charlie, I am honored deeply to be a part of your artistic expression.  Thankfully I didn’t know I was in it so I had a great time, just doing what we all love so much, flying.


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