San Bernardino Valley College Aeronautical Department

He taught us that when we get out there in the real world we won’t have anyone to ask, we will have to depend on ourselves”.


John and Martha King and Tortilla Soup

Her first airplane ride years before had been in the back seat of a rattley, drafty old Piper Pacer and she was not impressed.

Wathen Foundation Stinson Project

People say a lot of things about teenagers, rarely do they say good things, they haven’t met these kids. A group of high schoolers have been working for more than two years to build a Stinson, it is impressive to see their skill and just how much progress they’ve made on the airplane.

Density Altitude

If it isn’t flocks of birds it’s lightning and 200 degree dipsticks, here’s the bad news and how to keep yourself and your airplane out of the news this summer.

San Bernardino Valley College is a Great Place for Ground School or Maintenance Training

…a thirty five year veteran in the ground school arena, Dr. Richard Thompson.

Children Learn To Fly

She took her first airplane ride in February and was instantly hooked.

Big Bear and Density Altitude

Flying is so many parts skill, so many parts planning, so many parts maintenance, and so many parts luck. The trick is to reduce the luck by increasing the others. — David L. Baker