Art Scholl Treasure

I can always think about how Judy would approach it and instantly my brave factor jumps about ten points.


Fairchild PT19 For Sale at Redlands

She’s a 1943 model originally built as a military training plane for the Army Air Corps.

JAG’s Steerman at El Monte

Gabe Lopez got a dream deal on a Stearman and then leased it to a production company for the Television Show Jag for nine seasons.

Krueger’s Staggerwing

John Krueger and an entire community of pilots, mechanics and aviation enthusiasts are restoring a Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing that will be the oldest flying Staggerwing in the world, production number 38 from 1934. Everyone involved in the project wants to know that they had a hand in the work when she takes to the air.

Tell the World Your Flying Story

Planes all have stories and pilots can tell them, if only they will.

Head of the WASP Program Jackie Cochran Still Inspires Women Today

”…asked if Jackie was actually that small, she paused for a moment, “Only on the outside!”

An Afternoon with Judy Scholl

“The greatest gift Art Scholl gave me is a love of aviation.” – Judy Scholl