A Short Film About All of Us

…black velvet earth with scattered gemstone cityscapes…


Pyrotechnic Pilots

if you know of something I can do to have more fun than this, and you are not a marine recruiter, let me know.

John and Martha King and Tortilla Soup

Her first airplane ride years before had been in the back seat of a rattley, drafty old Piper Pacer and she was not impressed.

Fairchild PT19 For Sale at Redlands

She’s a 1943 model originally built as a military training plane for the Army Air Corps.

Air 10 Patrols the Skies Over Redlands

My Camera is bigger than his, but that just makes me like him all the more.

San Bernardino Sheriff’s Helicopter Ride

The Sheriff’s in town, and we got to ride along on their 4 ton, 1800 horsepower, 130 Knot per hour flying, crime fighting, fire stopping, search and rescuing and all around amazing helicopter, and we give you all the details here.

Gulfstream Ride to San Francisco is a Day to Remember Forever

It would have been a dream come true had we ever dared to dream that big.

Art Mortvedt Flying in the Polar Pumpkin to Explore the North Pole

It is not everyday you have the opportunity to photograph a big orange airplane and a famous scientist.

EAA Young Eagle Child becomes a Young Eagle Pilot in the Same Airplane

A young eagle come full circle.