Fairchild PT19 For Sale at Redlands

She’s a 1943 model originally built as a military training plane for the Army Air Corps.


Air 10 Patrols the Skies Over Redlands

My Camera is bigger than his, but that just makes me like him all the more.

Visiting Santa Barbara Airport

Need a place to go? Try the Beautiful Santa Barbara airport on the azure coastline, we did, and we liked it.

JAG’s Steerman at El Monte

Gabe Lopez got a dream deal on a Stearman and then leased it to a production company for the Television Show Jag for nine seasons.

Krueger’s Staggerwing

John Krueger and an entire community of pilots, mechanics and aviation enthusiasts are restoring a Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing that will be the oldest flying Staggerwing in the world, production number 38 from 1934. Everyone involved in the project wants to know that they had a hand in the work when she takes to the air.

San Bernardino Sheriff’s Helicopter Ride

The Sheriff’s in town, and we got to ride along on their 4 ton, 1800 horsepower, 130 Knot per hour flying, crime fighting, fire stopping, search and rescuing and all around amazing helicopter, and we give you all the details here.

Wathen Foundation Stinson Project

People say a lot of things about teenagers, rarely do they say good things, they haven’t met these kids. A group of high schoolers have been working for more than two years to build a Stinson, it is impressive to see their skill and just how much progress they’ve made on the airplane.

Aircraft wings

Wentworth Aircraft

If you like slightly scratched airplane parts or airplanes that have been through a little life-changing trauma, you will love Wentworth, and if you know your way around a Snap-On tool chest, the folks at Wentworth may become your new best friends.

Wings of Faith

Wings of Faith vision: to bring life and love in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ.