Top 10 Reasons to Fly to Big Bear

Watch out for Lake Sharks…


Tell the World Your Flying Story

Planes all have stories and pilots can tell them, if only they will.

Art Mortvedt Flying in the Polar Pumpkin to Explore the North Pole

It is not everyday you have the opportunity to photograph a big orange airplane and a famous scientist.

Fly to Perris and Learn to Skydive Oooh La La

Skydiving is an experience not to be missed, you will be about 3 inches taller, 42 IQ points brighter, 2 times more confident and generally speaking, you will never look at the world quite the same way again.

San Bernardino Valley College is a Great Place for Ground School or Maintenance Training

…a thirty five year veteran in the ground school arena, Dr. Richard Thompson.

D and D Airport Cafe at Riverside California Aiport is a Good Place to Eat

Flying can be a lot of fun, but flying with a mission in mind is even better.

RV7 built to perfection by Ted and Cindy Gablin

…each of us, in our own way has experienced something unique, knows something, has done something, feels something about flight that nobody else does.

An Afternoon with Judy Scholl

“The greatest gift Art Scholl gave me is a love of aviation.” – Judy Scholl