A Short Film About All of Us

…black velvet earth with scattered gemstone cityscapes…


Krueger’s Staggerwing

John Krueger and an entire community of pilots, mechanics and aviation enthusiasts are restoring a Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing that will be the oldest flying Staggerwing in the world, production number 38 from 1934. Everyone involved in the project wants to know that they had a hand in the work when she takes to the air.

Children Learn To Fly

She took her first airplane ride in February and was instantly hooked.

Mission Aviation Fellowship Has Flown a Long Way Since Their First Airplane

Rain is a constant companion here where we receive more than 22 feet of it annually.

RV7 built to perfection by Ted and Cindy Gablin

…each of us, in our own way has experienced something unique, knows something, has done something, feels something about flight that nobody else does.

Big Bear and Density Altitude

Flying is so many parts skill, so many parts planning, so many parts maintenance, and so many parts luck. The trick is to reduce the luck by increasing the others. — David L. Baker