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A Short Film About All of Us

…black velvet earth with scattered gemstone cityscapes…


Pyrotechnic Pilots

if you know of something I can do to have more fun than this, and you are not a marine recruiter, let me know.

Gobosh 700S.. Incredible

…a Gobosh 700S that leaps off the ground and hurls itself into the sky with hardly any effort at better than a thousand feet a minute, we were at pattern altitude before we ever started to think about turning downwind.

P-38 Lightning Kit

As the hangar door glided closed there was just a glimpse of what appeared to be a P-38 as we walked by, but could it really be a P-38?

San Bernardino Valley College Aeronautical Department

He taught us that when we get out there in the real world we won’t have anyone to ask, we will have to depend on ourselves”.

Rotor F/X in Van Nuys sells affordable choppers

Let me think ratty old used motor home and the fuel to get to Bakersfield or a shiny new jet helicopter and a rating to fly it, hmmm, not a very tough decision.

Pilatus PC-6 Donated to Do God’s Work

“She came out of the factory in May 1998, and almost 11 years later she’s finally doing the work she was designed for.”

Norm’s Hangar Coffee Shop at Brackett

…we were hypnotized by a 182 making touch and goes possibly being flown by a family of chimps.

John and Martha King and Tortilla Soup

Her first airplane ride years before had been in the back seat of a rattley, drafty old Piper Pacer and she was not impressed.

Art Scholl Treasure

I can always think about how Judy would approach it and instantly my brave factor jumps about ten points.